About Us

About Ridenest

Humans have evolved from animals. While our appearances have evolved, our nature still has significant traces of our origins. The manifestation of these traces has been well documented under the umbrella terms of herd mentality, survival instinct, animal instinct and others.

When our urban urges of travel clash with our animal instincts, sparks fly and some lead to unfortunate instances of harassment and worse. At Ridenest, we do not intend to curb nature or change intent; we simply aim to leverage our survival instincts to re-establish norms of harmonious survival.

While the more majestic animals have been known to travel in herds to ensure safety and survival, the most inconspicuous ones are known to hop about alone – the Ridenest platform is an attempt to treat humans as the most exquisite of animals. This platform enables users to create a nest of known people. In colleges, offices, stadiums, concerts, trains and other places of mass gathering, one can easily spot the nest. This instils confidence of having known people around and can help avoid many untoward incidents.

Ridenest has an undying focus towards women safety and security in general. This platform is our humble effort to imbibe a sense of responsibility in our social fabric. The Ridenest app is available on Android and iOS.

Our Team

We are a team with over 20 years of experience in professional services. Ridenest was founded by Anuj Dhawan, a DCE alumni.