1. What is Ridenest?

Ridenest is a combination of ‘ride’ and ‘nest’. Ridenest is a social platform, aimed at making travel and get togethers safer, cheaper and better-quality experiences.

2. How is Ridenest different from so many social networks out there?

At Ridenest, we help you connect and re-connect with the people that you know, rather than anyone and everyone. With Ridenest, you choose the people who get to be with you! We can keep on ranting, but the proof of the pudding is in eating it – so go ahead and use Ridenest to see the difference for yourself.

3. How do I use Ridenest?

Download and install the app from http://onelink.to/yy9djm

  • Invite your contacts
  • Have fun!

4. I can see a few contacts on the app, now what?

You can:

  • Find out who is around
  • Find rides and/or offer rides to friends and friend of friends
  • Post traffic alerts
  • Find traffic snarls around you
  • Network with the people
  • Chat

5. How does it work?

Ridenest creates a network of your contacts. You can see your contacts on a map and also their updates. This helps to better plan outings with friends, who otherwise were just behind the phone screen!

6. What are the charges to use Ridenest?

What are the charges to hang out with friends and family? Ridenest does not charge any money from any user.

7. What is the section ‘My travels’ all about?

We essentially help you keep track of how much you travel with whom.The sub-section ‘Credits’ shows the distance that you have travelled with your contacts and the section ‘Debits’ shows the distance people have travelled with you.

Today I travelled with you, tomorrow you travelled with me and all is sorted out – but just to let you know!

8. What is My Nest?

This section houses all your contacts that you have chosen to add to your profile on Ridenest. Community is very important at Ridenest and thus we have classified your contacts as per the following

  • These people are your contacts and in your nest
  • These are the people in the nest of your contacts (nest’s nest or level one connections), but not in your nest
  • These are people beyond level one connections for you

9. What is this large green button (Who is around)?

Press this button to see who in your nest or in your nest’s nest is around you. Good to know who is around you at any point in time. Isn’t it?

10. In "Who is around", what is the green and orange dot that I see on the photos of the people?

  • The person has been here within the last one hour
  • The person was last here over an hour ago

11. What is Activity?

Activity is way of letting your nest know what you are up to – travelling, shopping etc. Any status that you post must be under either Activity or Alert.

12. What is Alert?

Alert is like posting a status, with the intent of helping your fellow commuters be aware of accidents, traffic jams or repair work happening around.

13. Why should I waste my time posting about traffic situations, when I am already bugged sitting in the middle of it?

True, you are bugged. But what else can you do? Isn’t it better that your 20 seconds can save some poor soul coming to know of the traffic position? Besides, it will help you take off your mind. Let off some steam! Who knows, your post can help alleviate the traffic situation.

And, hey. Your post becomes visible to everyone across Ridenest. When people thank you, you stand to make points.

14. What are Points?

We decided to reward the people who help the David of Ridenest grow against the Goliath of travel and traffic related issues and hence these points were born! Points is our way of showing appreciation to the industrious and enterprising members of the Ridenest community. Every time one of your contacts joins Ridenest using your referral code, you get 1 point!

15. What is a referral code?

Each user is able to generate a unique code for them. This code earns points every time a new registration is made using the code. Another way Ridenest rewards its members to grow the network!

16. How does Ridenest make money?

Too early in the day to be thinking about that. As of now we are purely focussed on refining, enhancing and essentially humanizing the experience of getting together.

17. App doesn’t work/technical issue/any other issue?

We will get a crash report and will try to rectify it. However, if you have something specific that you would want to address, please send us an email at: ridenest@gmail.com

18. What is the use of Alert and Activity icons?

You can touch any of the icons to see all related posts.

19. There are many people of the same name, how do I search my known contact?

In addition to the search by name feature, you can also search by mobile no and email id.

20. What is My groups?

This feature allows to create groups of contacts (its a sub nest of sorts) . Only members of a group can see the posts made in the groups. These groups are different from the chat groups.

21. What is the 'Feed Filter'?

The default setting is such that you can see updates from your nest and the nest of your nest. Switching on the Feed Filter limits the updates to only your nest.

22. Why have a search button in the “Who is around’ section?

You can actually find out where your near and dear ones are.

23. What if someone is not comfortable being searched on a map?

'Show on Map' is the answer. When you switch on this setting, you will not be visible on the map to anyone. Also, you will not be able to see anyone on the map too!

24. Can I use Ridenest in Airplane mode?

Yes. You can browse your latest stories and chat. The older chats will not be available – although you can type and all chats will be delivered when normal internet connect is available.

25. Can I share media on Ridenest?

No, you cannot.

26. App doesn't work ?

A simple solution is to uninstall the app. Restart the phone and re-install the app. If the problem does not get resolved, do write to us at ridenest@gmail.com

27. Can I delete or deactivate my profile?

You can only deactivate your profile. For details refer to the privacy policy.