Press Releases

October 14, 2017 Together is better
Ever wondered what is the difference between that loner and that group of friends in a concert, a mall or in a metro? A likely answer is that most of us have been a loner and in a group, so it doesn’t really warrant much consideration. Nevertheless, we do tend to... Read more
October 3, 2017 Whom are we connected to – to technology or people?
There was a colony of birds who were very worried about hunters coming and trapping them. An elderly bird suggested do not fall for the trap when the hunter lures you in with food, and all shall be well. The birds agreed... Read more
August 24, 2017 Ridenest plans to expand across India
Anuj Dhawan, a B.E in Information Technology from Delhi Technological University (DTU), was a hardcore corporate before taking up entrepreneurship. He worked for nine years in the corporate sector across investment advisory, strategy and research segments. Eventually he plunged... Read more
August 21, 2017 This Entrepreneur is Providing a Safety Kit to Women on the Roads
News of Indian women being molested, assaulted and abused flash across the country almost everyday. The governments in the states and at the Centre, NGOs and civil society activists are always on toes to change this violent truth. One look at the... Read more
August 8, 2017 Delhi Engineer-Turned-Entrepreneur Develops Unique Mobile App for Women's Safety
Imagine a social network that isn't a marketplace for media exchange like sending videos, audios or pictures and discourages mindless banter, but instead promotes 'safety' and 'togetherness'. In the crowded world of apps for travelling women, this new mobile app makes activities like car pooling or just being together a safer experience by offering a person the choice to choose the people in his/her surroundings instead of leaving it to a platform/algorithm to determine. Anuj Dhawan, an alumnus... Read more